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Mixed aromatics

1. Introduction

The mixed aromatic hydrocarbon is a colorless transparent liquid with special odor. The aromatic mixture obtained by aromatization of naphtha or aromatics extraction of narrow fraction reforming contains benzene, toluene and xylene. It can be used as raw material of petroleum resin, gasoline and solvent, and is the most basic chemical raw material. Toluene and xylene are also important blending components in the production of high octane gasoline. The sales prospect of mixed aromatics in Hainan chemical products market is good.

Through naphtha to aromatics technology, our company uses the catalysis of catalyst to make aromatization raw materials undergo a series of complex reactions, such as selective cracking, isomerization, oligomerization and cyclization dehydrogenation, to generate aromatic components.

2. Physical and chemical properties

Appearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid, with gasoline smell

Relative density (water = 1): 0.78         boiling point (℃): 85-170

Explosion limit% (V / V): 1.1-8.7           flash point (℃): < 28

3. Purpose

(1) Benzene, toluene and xylene are separated from the mixed aromatics by separation. They are widely used in synthetic fiber, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and various fine chemicals. They are the most basic chemical raw materials.

(2) The main raw material for the production of p-xylene (PX).

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