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As a modern enterprise, the competition for talents in the same industry is extremely fierce. But why can Aoli be able to recruit and stay? If we see this clearly, we will understand the basic policy of honesty, morality and people-oriented, and attach importance to talents.


This is mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

First of all, it is a good corporate culture created by Aoli. A good corporate culture allows employees to have a positive attitude towards life and work, and a strong sense of belonging and collective honor. In order to create this kind of atmosphere, the company holds staff sports meeting every year, including basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards, chess, go, calligraphy and painting. In order to introduce talents and improve the treatment of existing high-quality talents, the company has invested a lot of money to update the equipment and build staff quarters, and vigorously solve the employment of their families, so as to solve the worries of employees. The company has also irregularly organized excellent technical backbones and leading cadres to go sightseeing. For this reason, the company also bought a bus specially. Although it cost a lot of money, in the eyes of the company's leaders, this is a drop in the bucket compared with retaining the company's talents. It can be seen that the company is eager for talents.


Secondly, it is the idea and system of employing people who are independent of each other. "Call can come, come can use, use" this is the company in the actual work of the idea of employment. The company actively cultivates and recruits a large number of multi-faceted talents who can adapt to a variety of working environments, so as to achieve the "recruitment can come, come can use". And to achieve "no doubt about the use of" is a major feature of proud employment. At the same time, the open competition mechanism has been introduced, such as the "elimination system of the last place" and many other systems suitable for various posts have been formulated, so that those who are able to go up to the mediocre can enjoy the same treatment as they go up to any post. There is no distinction between the old and the new, and no qualification. It stimulates the learning enthusiasm of employees and makes the company full of vitality and motivation.


"Make the best use of everything, make the best use of people, people-oriented" is the overall strategic policy of talents. There are many commendable systems and measures in the specific work, which will not be discussed here. The development brought about by this is obvious to all, which also gives the decision-makers of the company the determination to carry out the policy of "making the best use of everything, making the best use of talents and people-oriented". With a little more time, we will see a more powerful and proud standing on the land of China.



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