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Founded in 2013, Dongfang Aoli Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfang Industrial Park, Hainan Province, with a total area of 180000 square meters and a registered capital of 80 million yuan. The company mainly deals in the trade and sales of petroleum and liquefied gas. It has the production capacity of heavy oil, desulfurization, aromatization and hydrogenation of condensate / naphtha, as well as storage and transportation of oil and LPG. At present, it mainly produces liquid gasoline, mixed aromatics, heavy aromatics, national sixth diesel, etc.


The company's phase I project covers an area of 33000 square meters and has built a 100000 tons / year dry gas naphtha Methanol Mixed aromatization unit. The existing tank capacity of phase I is 15000m3. It is 2km away from the wharf of Hainan Basuo port (10000 ton cargo terminal and chemical dangerous goods wharf). The company has a number of pipelines connected with the terminal, and has the function of direct collection and payment of various oil products. Taking advantage of the convenient shipping conditions and the efficient throughput capacity of Basuo port, the actual dumping capacity of the company can be greatly improved.


The company's phase II project covers an area of 146000 square meters, and is preparing to expand the 1.2 million tons / year South China Sea condensate and light hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization project, which is expected to be put into operation in June 2022. The second phase project is a key construction project in Hainan Province, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and an annual output value of about 5 billion yuan after being put into operation. The main products of phase II project include pentane foaming agent, liquefied gas, marine fuel oil, petroleum ether, light oil, etc


After the completion of phase I and phase II projects, the company will become an important petrochemical production enterprise in Hainan Province with broad prospects.


Dongfang Aoli Petrochemical Co., Ltd. takes "quality first, technology leading" as its tenet. By using scientific management means, deepening reform and innovation, and continuously opening up on the basis of existing units, Aoli group has led the efficient growth and rapid development of refining plate of Aoli group.







   qualification certificates


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        Fire drill

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Implementation opinions of reform and development and study of comprehensive safety management plan

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Warning education film on safety production of dangerous chemicals in 2019

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Process knowledge training

图片33.jpg 图片34.jpg 图片35.jpg


Process team training

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       corporate culture


2019 annual commendation meeting of Dongfang Aoli Petrochemical Co., Ltd

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       Pictures of the factory


①Device picture



heating furnace






Heat conducting oil furnace


Heat exchanger


cooling tower








②Large tank farm

图片49.jpg 360截图20200801172910218.jpg 图片51.jpg


③Small tank area

图片52.jpg 图片53.jpg
图片54.jpg 图片55.jpg


④Installation area

图片56.jpg 图片57.jpg 图片58.jpg


⑤Loading and unloading platform

图片59.jpg 1414.jpg


⑥Factory appearance

图片60.jpg 图片61.jpg 图片62.jpg
图片63.jpg 图片64.jpg 图片65.jpg
图片66.jpg 图片67.jpg 图片68.jpg
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