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       Hainan Aoli new energy Co., Ltd. belongs to Aoli Petrochemical Group


       Business scope of the company: crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, fuel oil, lubricating oil, light circulating oil, white oil, condensate, wax oil, naphtha, chemical light oil, biodiesel, bio grease, jet fuel, benzene, mixed benzene, mixed aromatics, transformer oil, heat transfer oil, base oil, petroleum products and chemical raw materials, toluene, xylene, propane, methanol, petroleum gas , natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, CNG, LNG, sulfuric acid, styrene, propylene, C5, solvent oil, hydraulic oil, machinery oil, isooctane, heavy oil, coal tar, coal to LPG, mixed benzene, ethylene, ethanol, ethylene glycol, ether, n-hexane, ethane, heptane, stabilized light hydrocarbon, n-pentane, crude benzene, 2-butanone, hydrochloric acid, mineral products, coke, asphalt, paraffin Products, steel, hardware materials, metal materials, instrumentation, auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, hardware and electricity, building materials wholesale and sales. The company's service and Sinopec, CNOOC and PetroChina are the qualified purchasing suppliers of major domestic refining and chemical enterprises; the company has established and improved the strict quality standard inspection process based on the principle of "customer first, quality oriented" and "down-to-earth, cooperation and win-win situation", and has won the trust and praise of many enterprise customers with attentive service, and has established a good reputation of the company in the industry.


     Business profile


       The company's main business is: condensate and refined oil trade, which is the main component of Aoli Petrochemical's refined oil trade plate. It mainly supplies 60000 to 120000 tons of raw condensate for Dongfang Aoli petrochemical company every year, and sells about 60000 to 100000 tons of Dongfang Aoli's products such as liquefied gas, mixed aromatics and heavy aromatics. In addition, we also supply 20000 to 50000 tons of naphtha to Hainan refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. for a long time It has cooperated with China Forestry Materials Corporation, Sansha petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd., PetroChina huirun (Dalian) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Dongguan jinqianli Oil Co., Ltd. and other large trading companies, with an annual oil product trade of about 600 million and annual profits and taxes of about 10 million.



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