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SK-2 Sulfided Catalyst


Product Name:SK-2 Sulfided Catalyst for Selective Hydrodesulfurization of FCC Naphtha

Products:SK-2 Sulfided Catalyst for Selective Hydrodesulfurization of FCC Naphtha

control the dispersion. This results that the ratio of hydrogenolysis and hydrogenation active sites is increased obviously, leading to obvious enhancement in the selectivity of hydrodesulfurization. On the basis of above theories, ICL developed a novel technology to manufacture the high selective catalysts for hydrodesulfurization of cat-cracker naphtha. The sulfided CoMoS/Al2O3 catalyst, i. e., SK-2 catalyst, was developed by use of the technology, its activity and selectivity for hydrodesulfurization of cat-cracker naphtha exceeds other catalysts. Moreover, the in-situ sulfurization of the catalyst is avoided completely, and the going to operation is simple and the operation is convenience.        
SK-2 catalyst was prepared through impregnating sulfide precursor aqueous solution into carrier -Al2O3. As the precursor is sulfide, the strong metal-support interaction could be avoided. Furthermore, the active components are sulfidation state entirely. For hydrotreating application, the presulfidation step that is necessary for oxidation catalysts prior to their utilization is not required in start-up procedure. The catalyst needn’t be presulfurized and the start-up time was shortened remarkably with little pollution, the reactor temperature in start-up process was easily-controlled. Sulfided SK-2 catalyst can be applied to the selective hydrodesulfurization for inferior quality FCC naphtha, specially RFCC naphtha of high sulfur and olefin contents, to produce low sulfur gasoline.

■ SK-2 catalyst the main physical cnd chemical
Specifications were indicated as  follows:



■Excellent performance of SK-2Catalyst:
SK-2 showed excellent HDS activity and selectivity for hydrotreating of FCC gasoline. Under moderate operation conditions with temperature 260~300°C,hydrogen pressure 1.5~2MPa, LHSV 3~5h-1, H2/Oil(V/V) 200~300 and RFCC gasoline as feedstock, the HDS ratio was 85~90%, the octane number loss was 1-2 units, and the yield of produced gasoline was more than 99%.
◆Characteristics of SK-2 catalyst:
●Preparation of sulfided CoMoS/-Al2O3 catalyst SK-2 is carried out using a novel technology,it has excellent selectivity for hydrodesulfurization of FCC naphtha.
●SK-2 catalyst is used for desulfurization of Dalian FCC naphtha successfully, the sulfur content is reduced from 150µg/g to less than 50µg/g,loss of RONis less than 0.6, reaching the Europe IV clean gasoline specification.
●SK-2 catalyst is used for desulfurization of high sulfur FCC naphthasuccessfully, HDS is more than 85%, the loss of RON is less than 0.8, reaching the Europe III clean gasoline specification.
●Selectivity of hydrodesulfurization of SK-2 is exceeded other catalysts obviously.

Hydrodesulfurization of high sulfur FCC naphtha on SK-2 catalyst


Feedstock: Naphtha from a residue cat-cracker of Qilu Petrochemical Company 

Reaction conditions:H2 pressure 1.6MPa, Temperature 280C,LHSV 4.0h-1,H2/Oil 300/1
CH-1: Oxide CoMo/Al2O3 catalyst

■Hydrodesulfurization of Dalian FCC naphtha on SK-2 catalyst


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